Get the drive here: I'll show you how to mod a SATA drive case using Super Nintendo cartridge! I'll be using a 120GB UV400 SSD (solid state drive) and USB enclosure that Kingston provided for me. I'll show you how to take apart the cartridge case, remove the ROM board, and replace it with the SSD and parts from the included Kingston USB SATA enclosure, and cut away the space for the USB socket.

SSDs are great since they are 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive so old computers will feel like new. They have no moving parts so they will never crash by being dropped. This one is 120GB but they are also available in 240, 480 and soon 960GB. And with this mod will definitely help you identify as a 90’s kid. You could also install the SSD inside your PC or laptop and then use this cartridge enclosure for your old hard drive for additional storage. If you want to do this mod make sure you get the bundle kit version (linked above) since that one includes the USB SATA enclosure. More about this SSD here: 

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List materials and of tools:

* Kingston UV400 SSD Drive
* Super Nintendo Game cartridge
* SATA to USB adaptor
* Vice
* Small file
* Small flat screwdriver bit
* Wire cutter
* Knife